• FRIDAY WARMUP (15 MINS) Perform in any order, break reps up as needed 20 PVC good mornings 20 Ring rows + scap retraction at bottom 20 Walking Samson stretch 20 PVC OH squat 20 Wal

  • THURSDAY WARMUP Joint Mob + Push Up Flow 2 rounds: 20/15 cal Assault bike 20m Bear crawl 10 Wall ball 5 Wall climbs   4 Rounds (15min) Hip Stability/Strength Work 8 Box squats

  • TUESDAY WARMUP (15-20 MINS) Get Sweaty as a Group (5+min) 60s Joint Mob, then… 10 x 20m Shuttle runs 5 Air squat/Cossack squat ( combo 10 x 20m Shuttle runs 10

  • FRIDAY WARMUP (20 MINS) Movement Flow (2min) With a light DB (10/15/20lbs), perform this complex  * Do one round with the right arm, then one round with the left arm. 4 Front squat

  • THURSDAY WARMUP (10 MINS) Movement flow (2min) As a group, perform (5min): 20 Back leg swings on right leg — only moving back, not forward 20 Back leg swings on left leg 20 Side le

  • TUESDAY WARMUP (15-20 MINS) As a group, w/ pvc: 10 Good Mornings 5 Airplanes/leg 10 Pass thrus 30s pvc chest stretch/side Partner Warmup (5-10min) In Partners, accumulate as many c

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