Train With Us

Schedule Your Free Assessment

Email us at or sign up for a free consultation. We like to get a sense of what your goals & limitations are, as well as your schedule to make sure we’ll be a good match. If it seems like the right fit we’ll schedule you for a private session with one of our coaches. These sessions take 45-60 minutes and are for any fitness level.

Fundamentals Private Coaching

After your assessment, both you and your coach will have a better idea of where you’re starting and what you still need to learn. You will then agree to a set # of Fundamentals sessions. These private sessions are personalized based on your pace, goals & needs and will cover everything you need to know to transition confidently into a group class.

Get in the Best Shape of your Life!

And don’t worry – we won’t abandon you after you graduate from Fundamentals. Your coach will stick with you for the rest of your time at CrossFit Innate. Every athlete gets 2 free 20-minute check-ins per year, which can be used to work on goal setting & strategy, exercise technique or whatever you choose. Additional training is available by request. This helps to ensure you stay on track and are moving forward with your goals.