Your 12 Week Performance Plan

Are you ready for the structure, support, accountability, coaching, and ACTION you need to make real progress towards your goals?

Join our 12 Week Performance Plan.

What began as an in depth nutrition coaching program has evolved into the program that could be your answer to finally realizing your health and fitness goals.


What will it take to realize your fitness goals?


Whether you’re looking to finally lose body fat or put on muscle, or maybe you just want to feel and perform better, it will take New Actions.


It will take replacing unproductive habits with habits designed to empower you to move toward the life you want.


Maybe 12 weeks isn’t enough time to achieve all of your long term goals, it’s enough time to see exciting results and build habits that will help you stay on the path to living the quality of life you’ve been wanting.


Do you have to eat perfectly the whole 12 weeks?  NO.


Do you have to commit to planning out the goals you want to achieve and the habits you’ll need to achieve those goals (with the support of your coach)?  YES.


Will you have to do the mental and physical work of installing those new habits?  YES.

Let’s Do This!


Go with your gut, don’t let your doubts and fears talk you out of this one if you know this is what you need to be successful.

This package includes:

  • 4-30 Minute sessions with your coach
  • Goal Setting
  • Personalized nutrition planning
  • 10% Discounted rates on Personal Training packages
  • Measurements and photo tracking
  • Accountability
  • Learn how to eat for performance

Additional Add-Ons

  • Goal Setting and Action Planning Workbook
  • Customized Exercise & Flexibility Programming
  • Access to the Performance group Facebook community

Member Pricing

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Non-Member Pricing

$597.00Add to cart

*Spaces are limited, we want to keep this group small so the coaches can commit to each individual’s success.