Thank you for your interest in our program!

The best way to discover if our coaches, community and program will be a good fit for you is to schedule your free Initial Consultation and Assessment with one of our coaches, here:


Benefits of Memberships

  • Coach for Life: As one of our athletes, you will be partnered up with your very own Coach… for Life!
  • Personalized Fundamentals Training: Your Coach will take you through our Personalized Fundamentals Training to ensure you are moving safely and effectively. Your Coach will also help you work around any pre-existing injuries and make sure you know proper scaling and progressions based on your current fitness level. Your Coach also periodically checks on you to make sure you are showing up and getting the results you want.
  • Check-Ins: Holidays, family, work and travel can all create obstacles and throw us off track. As an Innate member you get a minimum of 2 complimentary Check-Ins with your Coach each year, to go over your progress and help you through any obstacles.
  • Community: Once you are ready for Group Classes, we have a warm and welcoming #innatesquad to workout with! We offer a variety of monthly options depending on your frequency.
  • Hybrid Personal Training + Group Class Memberships: the best of both worlds – this optional add-on allows you to keep working out with your friends, while accelerating you towards your goals at the same time.

Monthly Memberships

Couples that workout together stay together! Sign up with your sweetie and get 15% off/month.

  • 9 Classes a Month

  • $159 Month
  • 13 Classes a Month

  • $199Month
  • Unlimited Per Month

  • $229Month