Meet the Team


Owner & Head Coach, “Zen Master”


Hometown:  Carson City, NV

Fitness Credentials:  Exercise & Sports Studies (UCSB), CrossFit-Level 1, CrossFit Endurance, Power Athlete, CrossFit Gymnastics, Currently Pursuing a Functional Aging Specialist Certification

Favorite thing about Innate:  The Positive, Friendly Community.

Health & Fitness Tip:  Strive for continuous improvement. “To know and not do, is to not know.” – anonymous.

Strengths/Specialties:  Getting Started with General Fitness, Rehabilitation from Injuries, Gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, Reading, Nature, Intramural Sports, Learning Better Ways to Help People.


Owner & Coach, “Sparkle Pony”


Hometown:  The mountains of Mendocino County, CA

Fitness Credentials:  Exercise & Sports Studies (UCSB), CrossFit-Level 1, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Gymnastics, Schwinn Indoor Cycling, Lagree Fitness, Functional Aging Specialist.

Favorite thing about Innate:  That the workouts can be scaled for any age or fitness level!

Health & Fitness Tip:  Find active, healthy things you enjoy doing and make them part of your lifestyle.

Strengths/Specialties:  Fitness & Lifestyle Balance, Running Technique, Pelvic Floor & Core Connection, Exercising through Pregnancy, Working Safely Around Injuries, Training Buns of Steel, Extreme Costuming 🙂


Coach, “Mr. Heavy Lifting Socks”


Hometown:  Bedford, MI

Fitness Credentials:  CF-L1, USA Weightlifting

Favorite thing about Innate: The coaches and athletes care.

Health & Fitness Tip: Your body is capable of doing amazing things. Never settle or accept that you can’t achieve more.

Strengths/Specialties:  Olympic Lifting, strength training, trying new and crazy things! I love to lift heavy and compete to be the best I can be, but my proudest moments are when I find the cue that gets someone else to break a barrier and do something they didn’t know they could do.


Owner & Coach, “Forever 21”


Hometown:  São Paulo, Brazil

Fitness Credentials:  CrossFit-Level 1, USA Weightlifting

Favorite thing about Innate: Accountability!

Health & Fitness Tip: Stay away from sugar!

Strengths/Specialties:  Helping others kick their sugar cravings, accomplish their goals & get healthier.


Coach, “The Professor”


Hometown:  Indio, CA

Fitness Credentials:  CrossFit-Level 1

Favorite thing about Innate: Great People, Community and Encouragement.

Health & Fitness Tip: Discomfort is temporary, knowing one could have put forth the effort isn’t.

Strengths/Specialties: I am extremely knowledgeable in how the interaction of nutrition and movement combine to alter fitness and how our choices affect our physiology.  I am constantly learning new ways to improve my knowledge base to better serve those I work with.


Coach, “Passion Unlimited”


Hometown:  Santa Barbara, CA

Fitness Credentials:  CrossFit-Level 1

Favorite thing about Innate: Community, being around people who are trying to better themselves.

Health & Fitness Tip: Motion is lotion! Keep moving and eat right!

Strengths/Specialties:  Family is the most important thing in my life. I love being outside with my kids doing fun things. I like training for the unknown, I want to be ready for whatever the world throws at me. I have a good eye for mechanics and form, I want to help people achieve their fitness goals through healthy living.


Director & Coach of Innate Kids, “That Tall Guy”


Hometown:  San Diego, CA

Fitness Credentials:  CrossFit-Level 1, USA Weightlifting, CPR

Favorite thing about Innate: Family friendly and welcoming along with great creativity in the workouts and a push for those wanting more.

Health & Fitness Tip: Health, Wealth & Family – Getting better at any of these 3 help the others develop and get stronger. Conquer those and you win.

Strengths/Specialties:  Olympic Lifting, creating fun and new ways to get youth involved in fitness and getting outdoors and enjoying our beautiful Santa Barbara area.


Office Manager, “Membership Master”


Hometown:  Santa Barbara, CA

Fitness Credentials:  CF-L1, USA Weightlifting

Favorite thing about Innate: The Peeps! Everyone is so friendly and positive. It’s impossible to not be motivated!

Health & Fitness Tip: It’s all about putting the healthy good stuff in your belly!

Strengths/Specialties:  I’m all about spending time with my family! I love to cook healthy, delicious food. I’m always up for playing games with my boys (Qwirkle is my favorite). I also love family workouts. They motivate me to get it in gear and it’s always a good time 🙂


Yoga & Gymnastics Coach, “Rock & Roll”


Hometown:  Tulsa, OK

Fitness Credentials:  Bachelor’s of Science: Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Fitness Management. Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor from American Council on Exercise. USA Safety Course on Gymnastics. Instructor certified by Hyper Trick University.

Favorite thing about Innate: The support and kindness of the community.

Health & Fitness Tip: Consistency. Keep your momentum continuing forward.

Strengths/Specialties:  I have a specialty with working with people who deem themselves challenged learners as I am as well. I love to re-frame and re-work how I teach to get people to really get it.


Mascot, “Pupperson”


Hometown:  Santa Ynez, CA

Fitness Credentials:  Getting pets, when people drop food on the ground.

Favorite thing about Innate: The amazing smells.

Health & Fitness Tip: Find something you love and Do It! Play fetch, Go outside, eat carrots, take frequent walks, enjoy the beach!

Strengths/Specialties:  Teaching people to not let anything stop you, do the best you can with what you’ve got and you’ll live a happy and full life.