Innate Kids

Providing Kids Fitness

Strengthening, Educating, and Empowering Young Bodies and Minds

We are excited to bring you Innate Kids, a fitness program for ages 6-12. Designed to strengthen, educate, and empower young bodies and minds, this program promotes physical strength, flexibility, coordination, athleticism and confidence.

Fitness for Kids

Each session includes a warm up, focused exercise skills & education section, and group workout. Classes are usually finished with a fun game. Our young athletes have fun, develop friendships, practice teamwork and experience high-quality functional fitness that will help to set them up with lifelong healthy habits.


This is a great program for introducing exercise and athletics and can also be used to benefit the kids looking to excel in an existing sport such as baseball, soccer, dance, basketball, football, etc. The exercises and workouts are modified to the skill level of the athlete by our experienced and passionate coaches.


As an athlete continues to progress they are tested and move up their own personalized achievement ladder. Your child’s first class is free so please contact us to come check it out. You’ll be glad you did!