21-Day Reset: Fall 2017

Our 21-Day Reset is an awesome tool to help you develop some great habits that keep weight off and lead you to living the healthy and balanced life you strive for.

Meet Your Reset Coaches

Jennifer Tasca, MSRD, is a native Santa Barbaran who has practiced as a local Registered Dietitian for over 20 years. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Nutritional Science, she went on to complete a dietetic internship at Loma Linda University, a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of New Haven, and ultimately earned her dietetic licensing.

China Jones believes it’s important to find active, healthy things we enjoy doing and make them part of our lifestyles. Over the 9 years she has spent in the fitness industry, she has taught a variety of modalities and helped countless others build strength, confidence and healthy habits that last. China is passionate about helping inspire and educate others how to live a balanced life, and have some fun in the process.

Let’s Do This!

This package includes:

  • 3 weeks of online coaching and accountability
  • 3 week meal plan
  • 3 week nutrition and workout planner
  • Fun point system for your chance to win prizes
  • Weekly workout videos for when you can’t make it to the gym
  • Before & After photos and measurements
  • Unlimited classes (current Innate members only)

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Laila Shereen (1/27/17)

I”m feeling better finally. Will be back to the workouts starting tomorrow. I have kept up biking to campus three days a week. And I have managed a couple yoga sessions at home. But the big news is that I have not cheated once! And I have stuck with the portions and balance. 100% on nutrition. Weighed myself yesterday and I am down 11 lbs!!!!!!!! So I’m totally motivated to keep on going. Something switched inside me. Am so happy. Thank you!!
Laila lost 12.8#, 1.1% body fat, 5.5” waist, 6.75” tummy

Crystal Bahamondes (1/23/17)

I had a couple pair of pants I had put away as my ``goal pants``. I hadn't tried them on bc I was afraid I wasn't there yet, and didn't want to be disappointed. But today I got the courage to do it and know that it's not a big deal if I didn't fit into them; it's a journey after all. I was so excited when they slipped on quite nicely and I didn't even have to suck in my tummy. This is my 2nd challenge and it has been great to learn a new way of eating! It's such a practical and simple approach. I love it! Thanks Jenni and China!
Crystal lost 2.5#, 1% body fat, .75” waist, 1.25” tummy

Corry Jobin (11/18/16)

I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to each of you.
The 21-Day Reset Challenge was awesome, and I thoroughly enjoyed the process. The recipes were easy and all tasted great; the workouts at Crossfit Innate were challenging and fun, and you both were super supportive throughout the entire challenge. I was in disbelief with how much my body changed in just 3-weeks. Again, I can’t thank you enough. Looking forward to completing another challenge!
Corry lost 7.9#, 2.7% body fat, 1.25” waist, 1.75” tummy

Brian Zant (11/17/16)

It was a good challenge. The timing is really good before the holidays. I've tried vegan, paleo, and ketogenic diets and this one was my favorite and I felt best throughout. I also think it's most sustainable of all with the right amount of carbs to keep you going and an occasional cheat here and there.
Brian lost 8.6# in our 2016 Holiday Challenge. Then in our 2017 New Years Challenge he lost 9#, 2.3% body fat, 0” waist, 2.5” tummy

Margery Clerget (11/20/16)

As far back as I can remember I've always been overweight. I had tried many diets to lose weight… but to no avail! I started CrossFit 2 years ago and I lost 20 pounds-- such an achievement for me! But after a while, despite my best efforts, I was unable to lose more. I had plateaued! I realized that in order to see new results, my diet was key. I tried another challenge at my previous gym with no result. But I gave this one a chance, just in case... and I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks! The Before/After measurements and photos speak for themselves and it's impressive! I know I've created good habits and am excited to continue to see even more changes. Jenni and China as well as all the other participants in the Reset Challenge were really helpful, sharing successes, failures as well as yummy recipes. I never felt alone during these 21 days and for sure I will do it again!
Margery lost 9.6#, 5% body fat, 2.25” waist, 1.25” tummy


Lauren Bell (11/22/16)

My biggest takeaway from this challenge was the importance of food prep: I never really had a solid plan when it came to the snacks/meals that I ate during the day - which led me to starve myself and then just eat the closest/easiest thing to me (which 9 times out of 10 was definitely not healthy). 5 months ago I had gained 40 lbs while being pregnant with my second baby. 21 days ago I was still 10 lbs over and feeling sluggish and frustrated. Today I'm only 4 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, but more importantly I feel healthy and have so much more energy - and all it took was just a few helpful tweaks to my normal routine. Thank you Jenni & China for all your help.
Lost 6.8 lbs, 2 1/2″ waist, 1 1/4″ tummy, and 2 1/8″ hips

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Frequently Asked Questions

We can’t wait to begin this Reset Challenge with you! Join our Innate family and look and feel good while doing it.

How does the 21-Day Reset work?

The 21-Day Reset is not just a diet, but a focus on an anti-inflammatory lifestyle to help reset your GI system, normalize blood sugar control and reduce the stress hormones that can lead to metabolism disruptions. We have found that participants experience anywhere from 5-10 pounds of weight loss during the challenge, but more importantly, they feel stronger, have more energy, less GI disturbances (bloating, gas), sleep sounder and less brain fog (increased mental clarity).

What’s included in the Reset?
  • Online coaching and accountability through our private “21-Day Reset” Facebook Group
  • 21-Day Reset E-Book filled with our Info Guide, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, Restaurant Guide, and your own Personal Planner (for daily meals and workouts)
  • Fun point system for your chance to win prizes
  • Weekly workout videos for when you can’t make it to the gym
  • Before & After photos and measurements
What makes the 21-Day Reset different from other challenges or resets?

The 21-Day Reset includes shopping lists, 3 weeks worth of meal plans and snack options, Local “Reset-Approved” Restaurant Guide for eating out and best of all: support. Participants receive daily support via email as well as our private Facebook page from our two specialists Jenni Tasca and China Jones. Jenni Tasca is a Registered Dietitian who has practiced locally for over 20 years. China Jones owns and coaches at Innate Fitness, with over 9 years of experience in the fitness industry. Both encourage the group as we all navigate our way through the 21-days. The community support available from the private page is also a great tool. Participants cheer each other on as well as share food tips and pictures of their Reset-approved finds.

What if I don’t live in Santa Barbara?

The good news is you don’t have to be local to participate. We have had participants from all over join the challenge and be successful! The key is our private facebook page. This group is packed with recipe ideas, tips, and support from other participants. You can also use it to post photos of your workouts or anything else you need accountability with. In addition, China and Jenni are available to answer any questions as they come up.

Is this program easy to implement with my family and schedule?

Although there are certain food items that will be restricted during the Reset, the good news is you will receive balanced meal plans and recipes that are sure to please even the pickiest eater. All meal and snack options are based on our special prescription of the right amount of complex carbohydrate, lean protein, healthy fat and lots of watery vegetables. Most recipes take no more than 30 minutes to prep and you will receive a shopping list with Reset -approved food items from stores such as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Gelson’s and even Costco.

I have a super busy schedule, work long hours and often skip meals. Can I be successful on this Reset?

A big component of this Reset is working on good blood sugar control to avoid insulin resistance and fat storage. As a result, it is very important to eat small frequent meals throughout the day. Our meal plans and shopping lists have many simple and easy options that are non-perishable, prepackaged and portable. Even suggestions that you can keep in your desk at work or car to grab while on the go. We must admit that we have found that the participants who spend a little time on Sunday to shop and meal prep for a successful week seem to have the easiest time adhering to the Reset and typically see the best results.

What if I am a vegetarian?

Not to worry! We have developed a vegetarian shopping list and meal guide for those participants who avoid animal products. In fact, one of our grand prize winners of our fall 2016 Reset is vegetarian and lost 10lbs! Read Margery C testimonial above.

I have a special event or trip planned right in the middle of the 21-days. Why should I still consider joining?

One of the main differences between our program and many others is this Reset is set up so that you should be able to tackle any stressful or social eating situation that occurs. As long as you follow our diet prescription and go into the situation with a strong game plan, we feel confident you will succeed. Plus, you will have support from both China and Jenni and the entire group of 21-Day Reset participants via the Facebook private page to help you set up a plan and stick to it. We all want you to be successful!

Can I have alcohol or chocolate?

Unlike other challenges, we don’t eliminate certain foods like chocolate or alcohol! Instead, we limit them to once a week and teach you how to incorporate them into your meal plan instead of using them as an addition.

Can I have coffee?

Yes. However you should avoid adding dairy and artificial sweeteners, and will need to use natural sweeteners in moderation. For substitutions we recommend: stevia and either unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened coconut milk or ghee.

What if I’m not willing to give up [insert favorite vice here]?

You get what you put into it, and everything is relative to where you’re starting. We like to say progress, not perfection. And while we think you’d get much better results adhering strictly to our program, you can still get results by making some minor adjustments to where you are now. And remember, you have full access to Registered Dietitian Jenni Tasca to help you make a plan for any tricky social events in advance!

I’ve done this before, why should I do it again?

We have many repeat participants who love our Reset. In our experience, we find that each time we do it, we get a little better because we already know the meals & snacks we like, and what our go-to easy items are. This allows us to start with a solid foundation and choose a new habit to work on each time for even better results!

Plus, it’s easy to “say” you’ll eat better, but when you get initial measurements, put some skin in the game, and have a large group keeping you accountable, it’s a big motivator to stick to your word!