Image of Crossfit Innate's Gym

Approchable, Effective Fitness


Crossfit Innate is a high-quality gym that offers expert trainers. We understand the power of positivity in the gym. No matter where you start, your progress is our #1 goal.


People perform their best when they feel welcome. We make sure all our athletes feel safe and confident by teaching the fundamentals of crossfit and lifting before group class.


Our classes are small enough that you can modify the exercises and workouts based on your goals. We also offer a variety of class times to make it as accessible as possible.

Why Innate?

It doesn’t matter what fitness level someone is when they walk in our door. Functional movements are safe and can be modified for any athlete so they can train at their own intensity level. Workouts don’t get boring because there are always new skills to be learned, weights to be lifted and times to be beat. Even when progress is slow, it’s nice to know that if you look back in 6 months you’ll be better at something than when you started. If the workouts don’t rope you in right away, the community will. Innate Fitness is friendly and inclusive for all ages and fitness levels. Our athletes don’t just workout and leave; we challenge ourselves and each other to get better every day, hoot, holler, laugh, high-five and give big sweaty hugs.